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Introducing ourselves

NHP Hanse Distribution GmbH is specialized in the worldwide distribution, trading and sourcing of luxury, fashion, beauty and electronics in the Travel retail channel and beyond.

We are innovation seekers, facilitators, as well as brand ambassadors, who connect vendors, retailers and consumers worldwide.

As brand ambassadors, we aim to convey the message and apply the strategy of the brands we represent in the duty free channel, in the most authentic and economically sustainable way.

As distributors, not only do we ensure the worldwide placement of the products in the appropriate channel through our extensive network, but we are able to act as a design, sourcing and manufacturing company, consulting and developing closely with brands product ranges, which closely fit their brand profile.

Being reliable, result-oriented, open-minded and vision-driven, we aim at delivering augmented, but honest value to all stakeholders and engage in loyal partnerships.

Nikolas Hogrefe

Managing Director of NHP Hanse Distribution GmbH

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Our business is ever-growing thanks to our solid partnerships. This is a rough numeric translation of our activity on a yearly basis.

Travel retail and beyond…

The Travel Retail channel comprises airlines, airports, down town duty free malls, cruise ships, border shops and diplomatic stores.

Travel Retail has proven over the years to be the most resilient and robust channel, defying economic and geopolitical challenges, thanks to the staggering numbers of travelers and their unique profiles.

These sophisticated and fashion savvy travelers, moving around in the six regions of the world (Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East, North America, Latin America-Caribbean, Africa) totaled 6.7 billion in 2014, as reported by Airports Council International and made travel retail purchases that exceeded 60 billion USD.

Only to think that Dubai, London and Hong Kong airports are the busiest international airports, which accommodated 65 million travelers, each, on average, in 2014, one may understand the steep competition, the drive for excellence, the tremendous amount of effort and capital to capture the attention of the traveller and convert it into sales, the premium offering and the golden opportunities that lie in this arena.

Exploring & Empowering

We are delighted that our world is over brimming with talent; our mission is to nurture and empower those entrepreneurs, hold their hand while they are making their first steps in the international arena and assist them in making their dreams come true.

We encourage artisans, designers, innovators and visionaries to come to our company and unravel their talent.

NHP Hanse Distribution GmbH will apply its expertise in order to turn their talent into a sustainable and thriving source of revenue.


Our company is based in Hamburg, our beautiful hometown, the second largest city in Germany, a major transport hub, commercial and cultural centre, and one of the most affluent and liveable cities in Europe.

Why Hanse?

We named our company after the city’s official and historical name, “Free and Hanseatic city of Hamburg”, which stands for honest business relationships, strong trade connections, cosmopolitanism but above all reliability.

Since 2007, our company has been operating successfully, doubling its turnover and profitability year after year, expanding our business and increasing our number of partners.

Our reputation has been built on our core strengths, which resulted from an overall experience of 20 years in the service of luxury brands and Duty Free.

With two warehouses, one in Hamburg and one in Hong Kong, we are able to respond rapidly to our customers’ requirements and deliver instant gratification.

Our structured approach, responsibility and sound understanding of the business allow us to meet the high standards that Travel Retail requires of all the companies within this industry.

Growing together in trust

Over 130 international airlines and 20 brands have pledged their trust in NHP Hanse Distribution GmbH and have made us their preferred partner.

Our company is committed to honor their trust by exceeding the boundaries of excellence in order to meet the ever changing needs of the contemporary consumer. In the next decade our vision is to expand our network beyond Travel Retail and assist more brands with social character in becoming recognized worldwide.