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True Utility® is a British design company that specialises in stainless steel gifts, gadgets, and key-ring accessories. Creating clever things for key-rings, True Utility provides people with minimalist and practical solutions to everyday problems. True Utility products are made to last.


The new bracelet series Lunavit of best-service24 combines pure germanium and magnets. The highlight of this innovative development of their HipTitan bh+ bracelets is the fascinating new component Germanium. Each Lunavit Bracelet contains one pure Germanium Stone Ge32 (99,9%). For the bracelets they use Swarovski Elements. Design, performance and quality of the brand Lunavit are on the highest level.

Every Space Wallet version has its advantages and it is up to you to find the one which fits your demands. What All versions have in common is that they replace your bulky wallet with our compact Space Wallet and still allow you to have everything you need in your pocket. Each Space Walletcarries up to 15 cards, 20+ bills and depending on the version you chose, 6 to 12 coins. Due to it’s small size you’re even able to carry it in your front pocket, which protects you from pickpocketing and you’ll never have to deal with baggy pockets again. Whether you are, working out, at work, or enjoying your free time: Space Wallet is always a perfect match!

Foooty is a new invention that makes it possible to play anywhere you want. The unique patented 2D construction element enables you to create 3D shapes. When connecting the FOOOTY elements, using the clever FOOOTY click system, you can create all popular ball shapes to kick and throw around… and when you use your imagination you can create anything.
FOOOTY is fun to make and great to play. Finished playing? Just put it back in your pocket.
„Freedom to play anywhere, anytime!“

ClicTime is the creative house for the design and manufacture of quality licensed products for children. ClicTime are a global licensee for Star Wars, Marvel, Minions, Paw Patrol and Disney watches and clocks and an exclusive global licensee for LEGO® watches and clocks.

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