Dopper absolutely LOVES clean water. In every ocean. From every tap. And yet, every year, 8 million tons of plastic makes its way to our oceans. (Not cool). Together, we can do better! Every bottle sold helps to reduce plastic pollution and supports projects to bring clean drinking water where people need it the most. Make a stand for clean oceans with the new Dopper Solid Steel Special Edition! Whether on a business trip to China or hiking through the Swiss Alps, with this travel companion you will be drinking your water in style, either straight from your design bottle or from the complimentary cup.

Introducing the world’s only sustainable pencil that grows into a plant – Lavender, Mint and even Basil! This exclusive set of Sprout pencils and a mindful coloring book can be used during your flight or bought as a gift. All Sprout pencils contain seeds that grow into plants when put in moist soil. Made in EU.

They are one of the biggest dangers for our oceans: fishing nets that have snapped off or intentionally been thrown away. These so-called ghost nets can drift around for centuries without control across the seas and are a deadly trap for many animals.
Together with the renowned ocean protection organization Healthy Seas and Ghost Fishing the company retrieves these deadly traps, clean them and produce in craftsmanship a bracelet – the Bracenet. Made from a recycled fishing net with a stainless steel bead. Net material: HDPE (high density polyethylene). 100% Made in Germany. SAVE THE SEAS. WEAR A NET

The eco-friendly and reusable cup, perfect for hot or cold drinks. It is super portable & foldable down to a few centimetres and weighing only 120 g. It is incredibly versatile popping up to 3 different sizes: grande (475 ml), medio (350 ml) or espresso (230 ml). Made in Britain, BPA-free and dishwasher safe. Take it with you!

Not just a bottle for any beverage, its a multi-use container for all activities, which you can roll up for easy storage. Use the bottle to boil water over a fire, as hot or cold compress, store your valuables to keep them dry. With a clip carabiner to backpacks or purses, BPA-Free, microbial free silicone material, easy to clean from the inside or in the dishwasher, can be used in the microwave, puncture-proof – will not break when dropped.

Kambukka is a Belgian premium brand that designs trendy drinking solutions for people on the go. Our consumers consciously choose bottles that fit their active lifestyle and personality. In that way, they can express their thirst for more – more adventures, more fun, more action. Kambukka products are so easy in use, that after a while you just can’t imagine a life without them.
Our bottles are stylish. But there’s more. Kambukka enables a smooth drinking experience with its patent pending smart product features. Just think of a lid that suits every occasion, a design that is 100% leak-proof and bottles that are very easy to clean thanks to their Snapclean® feature.
By the way, all Kambukka products are developed in-house, from the very first brainstorm to the final tests. You see, with ten years of experience under our belt, we know exactly how to meet the needs of different kinds of consumers all around the world