Jewelry and watches are fundamental components in the successful product portfolio of Hanse Distribution.

Temptation is a young, modern and universal brand. All styles are created by a German design house. A superb show of craftsmanship and an exemplarily German brand quality.This latest Hanse Distribution in-house brand stands for great designs, high quality and attractive prices.Each Temptation watch and piece of jewelry creates a beautiful and glamorous as well as a unique style: stylish, elegant and sexy, but not too playful.

A passion for innovation and excellence in watch design is the foundation of the WBC brand. Our collection is renowned for quality, comfort and timeless elegance. From our Swiss luxury timepieces to our accessible fashion watches, each of our timepieces is recognized for its inherent quality and distinctive image within its price category. Designing and manufacturing highly reliable timepieces with state-of-the-art technology and a strong design vision is our core competence. We are dedicated to the future of time.

Watch and clockmaker to King Charles II. During the 17th Century, England was at the leading edge of clock making technology, and Edward East was one of the country’s most accomplished technicians. He was a founding member of the Clockmakers Company in 1631 and elected Master in 1645 and 1652. The new collection is inspired by the skill and dedication of Edward East and celebrates England´s proud history of watch and clock making over the last 400 years.

The roots of the brand GEBRÜDER BAER go back to the early 19th century. Passion, fascination and knowledge are passed on for generations and build the foundation for the precise masterpieces. High quality craftsmanship from Germany. In our manufactory, the combination of experience, expertise and innovation form technical masterpieces at the highest level.

Gorgeous Jewelry offers stylish, elegant and delicate jewelry. High quality and attractive prices. Every piece of jewelry comes in an ergonomic packaging. Specially created for the inflight. Designed in Germany.

Stylish and classical designs with modern touch. All watches are made of stainless steel and have high-class Swiss made movements.

Sweet and mysterious – that is what we are. Chocolate stands for sweetness and energy, moon is for beautiful enigma, a combination that undoubtedly represents the character and personality of each and every girl. A brand that specializes in accessories for young Women, designs that meet the fast pace of living, brightens everyday life, as well as add glamor and glitz to your special moments. Brightness, brilliance, and little rebelliousness – it’s all for you.