We are proud to work both: as a sourcing and a manufacturing company. After a long process in identifying and designing Travel Retail highlights, we are delighted to introduce our current ten bestselling products.

Our Top 10 Bestseller

Sweet and mysterious – that is what we are. Chocolate stands for sweetness and energy, moon is for beautiful enigma, a combination that undoubtedly represents the character and personality of each and every girl. A brand that specializes in accessories for young Women, designs that meet the fast pace of living, brightens everyday life, as well as add glamor and glitz to your special moments. Brightness, brilliance, and little rebelliousness – it’s all for you.

The ultimate magic cure against painful feet – the innovative Feet Friends Healthy Socks relax your tired feet in a very short time. It`s specially shaped terry fabric loops gently separate and massage your toes. Wear the socks, after a long day at work, after a work out or after a night full of dancing, and you will experience the relief. Beyond this, the socks is a great help while polishing your nails. Follow instruction on the packaging for the best results. Size 36-41.

Always with you, as light as a feather, small and slim. This umbrella is small enough to fit in every pocket. Carbonsteel technology makes this model super lightweight and at the same time provides stable protection against weather and wind up to 100 km/h. 3 cm thin, 90 cm diameter, only 170 g.

The eco-friendly and reusable cup, perfect for hot or cold drinks. It is super portable & foldable down to a few centimetres and weighing only 120 g. It is incredibly versatile popping up to 3 different sizes: grande (475 ml), medio (350 ml) or espresso (230 ml). Made in Britain, BPA-free and dishwasher safe. Take it with you!

Not just a bottle for any beverage, its a multi-use container for all activities, which you can roll up for easy storage. Use the bottle to boil water over a fire, as hot or cold compress, store your valuables to keep them dry. With a clip carabiner to backpacks or purses, BPA-Free, microbial free silicone material, easy to clean from the inside or in the dishwasher, can be used in the microwave, puncture-proof – will not break when dropped.

In every situation, the Dopper Insulated keeps your water hot for 9 hours or cold for 24. The Dopper Insulated 580 ml also has a little brother of 350 ml (about the same size as a Dopper Original). All materials are BPA and phthalate free.

Compact and convenient – your tool kit to Go! Always ready for use, with the most useful array of tools possible. The revolutionary Multitool comes with amazing 20 tools in 1, but weights only 40 gram. Clip to anything and simply twist into set positions to use it to open parcels, envelopes or bottles, set screws, use as a ruler and much more. Engineered in black coated 420 grade stainless steel with gold titanium coated stainless steel tool disc. Black calf leather protection cover inclusive.

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Transonic Micro Needle Roller is a professional effective skin perfecting tool which you can use at home. 540 surgical steel needles of 0,2 mm length will help you to effectively smoothen fine lines, stimulate cell functioning and regeneration, help firm up the skin texture and boost performance of your favorite skincare. Roll it on applied areas 2-3 times a week.  No battery needed.

Pack your adventures – ultra light, foldable and waterproof backpack for your trips. The backpack is folded only palm-size – easy to take with you on all your trips. 24 liter backpack.

They are one of the greatest dangers for our oceans: discarded or lost fishing nets. These ghost nets can drift around unchecked for decades and turn into deadly traps for animals. Together with the marine protection organization Healthy Seas and Ghostfishing we retrieve these deadly traps and produce a bracelet – the Bracenet. One size fits all.